Waitlisted at Cornell ! My strategy to handle this

You know what’s worse than getting a ding at one of your dreams schools . Yes its getting that horrid wait-listed email . This limbo is frustrating as hell .  Somewhere back of my mind I know that getting wait listed is a far road from being accepted, but it’s even farther from being rejected.


So Dear Johnson Adcom  ,  Bring it on ! I am ready to embark on this rough journey of constantly pleading you for a place at the 2 Yr MBA Program . I promise you I won’t be a pest but at the same time sitting and waiting is definitely the last thing I would do . I know you don’t hate me but you also don’t love me enough . So this Valentines week let me give you some reasons to fall for me 😀

I chalked out a strategy last night to deal with this . Quoting the same below :

  1. Requesting the school for a feedback : Was it my GMAT or was it my recommendation ? Or may be it was my Table of Contents essay . But let me stop judging myself and ask from the school directly . So step one is writing to them requesting for an honest feedback on my candidature
  2. Writing an update essay : There have been some changes ( all for good) in my roles and responsibilities on job which obviously the school should know to assess me better . So I am planning to write a 300 word essay as an update to the school .
  3. Getting an additional letter of recommendation : This is something which is highly advisable by so many admission consultants . Hence planning to speak to a few of  senior leaders in my firm with whom I have worked , to help me on this . Also , my previous two letters focused on my current job role . This time I am planning to get it from someone who mentored me on a different project I did earlier   . I feel this will give the school a varied angle of my personality .
  4. Getting an informal support letter : I had built connections with some of the Cornell alumni while I was applying . Planning to seek support from few of them who know me well .
  5. Signing up for MBA Math :  I think this will give them an idea of my seriousness for the place at Cornell’s MBA program . I have read a few good reviews for this one so taking this up since this will any ways help me during my MBA whichever school I go .
  6. Making a campus visit : I was anyways planning to travel to New York this April since my husband is moving there for work . Now this waitlist strengthens my decision to accompany him to New York and then visit Ithaca and meet the admissions team directly .

So the next few months will be hectic but I am sure exciting and I cant wait to start executing this plan .

Ending this note on this beautiful song by Lenny Kravitz going on in my head since yesterday : “It ain’t over till its over “

Cheers !

MBA Miss



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