MBA- Why should Women do it


All these days I have been reading so much around Why MBA is nothing but a waste of time and money . One of the CNN reports actually quotes     ” If you want to be rich , don’t get an MBA “. The philosophy around this thinking is that all that you do in a MBA program you can do it anyways without ending up in a huge debt .

Now I partially agree to the thinking and partially not . Especially for Women aspiring to break the glass ceilings , I believe MBA grants some of the unique competencies to lead . Let us see how .

  1. It ‘ll make you more keen on taking risks in life :  The times you learn the maximum are the ones when you experience that uncomfortable feeling of takings risks . Business school teaches you that risk is constant and inevitable—and that you will always be working with partial information. When you take risks on a small start up idea or on deciding to intern with a specific company , you become keen to take on even bigger risks in life .


2.Numbers and more Numbers : There is no denying to the fact that irrespective of your industry and function , at the end of the day all the business problems and solutions boil down down to just one thing . Numbers . And Business schools prepare you to the brim to deal with numbers .

3.Show me the money : If you dream of going for your presentations in a Versace business dress and carrying a Prada bag , and you dont want your man to buy that for you .. According to the Forte Foundation, an MBA lands you pay gains at graduation of 35-40% of your pre-MBA salary, pay gains of 55-65% of your salary within 5 years of graduation, and a lifetime earning potential of over $3 million. Ok you can stop dreaming now 😀

download (1)

4. It ll teach you imperfection : Yes you heard that right . If you are a perfectionist , you need to tone it down since in the  business world your ability to influence outweighs your ability to achieve results to the 4th decimal place . The tough deadlines of your assignments will make you  quicker and more agile at completing tough deliverables without sacrificing overall quality. That’s exactly what you need to learn to be a leader  . As Sheryl Sandberg puts it – “Done is better than perfect.”

download (2).jpg

So ladies ! Trust me an MBA can be your safest investment that will give you innumerable returns in terms of money , network , knowledge and most importantly unleashing the leader in you .

Have you considered or pursued an MBA?  Why or why not?


~MBA Miss

P.S : Views expressed are personal to the author . Write to me on




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