If you are a woman planning to do MBA from a top notch B School


There are a host of articles around the internet suggesting the advantage that women have over men in applying to business schools . As Poets and Quants puts it , women apply in smaller numbers and are under represented in the top MBA programs and hence they have a higher probability of getting through .

Let us look at some statistics first . It is true that women are falling behind men in occupying a place at the board rooms and in b schools but this trend is slowly changing . Wharton’s 2016 graduating class is comprised of 40% women while Harvard’s latest class has 41% female admits, the third consecutive year that HBS has had 40% or more women. GMAC’s 2013 Application Trends Survey shows that 37% of applications to full-time two-year MBA programs were from women . These numbers speak a lot about the increasing competition that women are facing when their applications are assessed against other similar MBA aspiring women .

Keeping all this in mind there is a fundamental difference in the way women approach their application strategy against the way men do . Very similar to the fact that women are poor negotiators at the table when it comes to post MBA salaries , most admission consultants vouch for the fact that women lack assertiveness while writing their stories  in essays .

Women applications when weighed against men with almost similar profiles show a lack of self confidence in convincing an admissions committee to admit them to a top MBA program.

So if you are a woman who dreams to join the C-suite and plans to pursue an MBA as the first step to fulfill the dream I have a few tips for you to keep in mind while you approach your essays .

Tip 1 : Know your worth 

You might be a mother along with managing a full time job and taking time out for your passion . Women are proven multitaskers and sometimes you don’t even realize how many things you have accomplished altogether . Now MBA is something that again would require a lot of multitasking , hence you would fit in the program very easily . You just need to demonstrate your worth in your application .

Tip 2 : Discuss your accomplishments with your recommenders 

This is again something men usually do and women shy away from doing . You need to know that your recommender is a big busy man and he/she might miss on a few of your strong points while writing your recommendation . So go do this one now !

Tip 3 : Communicate to the admissions committee any of the challenges you encountered successfully in your personal or professional life . 

Women sometimes face extraordinary challenges in their jobs and even in their personal lives .For instance ,  If you are in a male dominated manufacturing job don’t shy away from mentioning how difficult your day at work is.

Tip 4: Networking 

Now there is a strange finding around networking as it is practiced by women against men . In spite of the fact that women are better at making new relationships than men , the aspiring MBA women network less against their male peers around their career goals and target schools . If you don’t know any current students or alumni of your target schools, be proactive and find ways to reach out to individuals associate with these. Current students and alumni are more than happy to share their experiences.




P.S : Views expressed are personal . If you have any questions /suggestions / your own story on this , Pl comment below or write to me on ojasvisoni100@gmail.com . 


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